Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holiday Favorites!

Well, it’s a little late. I was hoping to have this one up a bit before the holidays, but I ended up off line for a couple of weeks. But there are still probably still a few glasses of eggnog to drink before the holiday season officially winds down for another year.

In no particular order, here are a few of my favorite seasonal tunes. Forthcoming, my thoughts on Bon Jovi’s latest recording, The Circle.

Do they know it’s Christmas? Band Aid

I remember when it came out and now it’s a classic. Sure sign of aging. Some Christmas songs I am not sure if I like anymore or if they are just fond childhood memories. This one I am sure that I do still like. Barenaked Ladies also do a good version of this on their Christmas album. Speaking of Barenaked Ladies…

Jingle Bells, Barenaked Ladies

Probably the only version of Jingle Bells I like is by the Barenaked Ladies. As can be expected from this band, it is in good humor. It starts off very soft, slow and sultry on the piano and then moves in to very boppy and humorous number. It’s a hard one to resist. My kids also love it.

I Saw Three Ships, Bruce Cockburn

Canadian singer/songwriter Bruce Cockburn has a great Christmas album containing this number. The entire disc does not play like a traditional sounding Christmas recording. It is more of a rootsy/folk recording. It makes for a nice quiet holiday night at home just relaxing under the Christmas lights.

Carol of the Bells, Trans Siberian Orchestra

From one extreme to the other the Trans Siberian Orchestra gives us hard rock sounds of traditional favorites. To my taste, Carol of the Bells never sounded so good. I like this whole album.

I Believe in Father Christmas, Emerson Lake and Palmer

This is one I remember hearing on the radio during December month every year tracing back for some time. I always loved this song and never knew who sang it and could never locate it. Finally along came the Internet and through the magic of Google I typed in a few lyrics and the mystery was solved. The best way I can describe it is a kind of haunting Christmas tune.

Something About Christmas Time, Bryan Adams

This is another one that goes back a ways for me. It’s slow, it’s cheesy – but aren’t the holidays suppose to be.

Father Christmas, The Kinks

This is a nice little funny but serious rock and roll tune. The chorus “Father Christmas, give us some money, we don’t want your silly toys, we’ll beat you up if you don’t hand it over..… all your toys, for the little rich boys”. The song sounds humorous when you hear it, but they are no doubt trying to tell us something too!

Happy New Year everyone!!