Saturday, November 28, 2009

Stub Hub?

This is not really a posting so much as it is a question. Have any of you out there ever used Stub Hub for concert tickets? I only started checking out this site recently and there are some good seats being sold for upcoming summer concerts that are for the most part sold out.

It's brand new to me, but from all the research I have done seems like it's all ok. But thought I would throw it out there to see if anyone had any experience using this service.

Thanks in advance to anyone for sharing!! Hope you are all enjoying the weekend!


Mr. Mike said...

I had a co-worker who used it and said he had gotten tickets there and was very happy with his purchase. He was surprised it wasn't illegal is what he said, I haven't been to the site myself.

jnorberg said...

Hello, I am following up on behalf of the Executive Customer Care Department at StubHub. We read your comments and are thrilled to hear that you’re considering using our service to purchase concert tickets. We are the world’s largest ticket marketplace and have enjoyed much success having exclusively partnered with Major League Baseball as their number one ticket re-seller.

Being that we are a secondary ticket marketplace, we do not actually hold or sell the ticket inventory found on our website. Rather, we provide a service where individual sellers can post their extra tickets for sale to be purchased by fans just like you in a safe, convenient, and highly reliable environment. The individual seller always creates the online ticket listing shown on our website and also sets the ticket price for which the tickets will be sold. Often our site will show a substantial amount of inventory for tickets even when an event is being advertised as “sold out”.

It might also provide some peace of mind to know that every order placed on our site is covered by our Fan Protect Guarantee. As a fan, what that means to you is this:

• You will get your tickets in time for the event.
• Your tickets will be authentic and valid for entry.
• Your tickets will be as good as or better than the ones you ordered.
• You will be refunded if the event is cancelled and not rescheduled.

Thank you again for taking the time to post these comments and for your interest in StubHub. If you have any further questions about how our site works or if you’d like to discuss your concerns directly, please send an email to, attn: Jonathan. I look forward to speaking with you!
Jonathan Corey
Executive Customer Care Specialist

The Rock Brigade Blogger said...

Thanks Mr. Mike for the info!!

And thanks Jonothan, I may indeed email a couple questions your way!!